OcUK Experience Part 1 - new system build (October 2014)

  • Spend £3,000 on a pre-built system
  • Noticed I had been charged Twice for RICO delivery £120! Raised issue with support
  • Wait 1 week for it to be built
  • Chase up after 1 week, parts out of stock still (I was never informed, in stock at time of ordering)
  • Swap out of stock parts for cheaper version (£60 refunded)
  • Noticed still no refund for Double Delivery Charge, raised with support again. Support said I had already been issued £60 refund.
  • Informed support this refund was for the RAM. Support confirmed it was for the RAM and issued the refund for delivery (£60)
  • Few days later I chased up when my system would be ready. Was informed it had been shipped.
  • System never arrived. Received another parcel from RICO that belonged to another company.
  • Arranged with PayPoint (Company whos parcel I had received) a collection from RICO to get their equipment back to them
  • Still no sign of my £3,000 PC.
  • Few phone calls later and 2 missed deliver deadlines and no one seemed to know where my PC was. I was given all sorts of conflicting information. (OcUK saying it was still being tested, OcUK saying it had been shipped a few days earlier, RICO saying it was in a warehouse in Manchester)
  • Several calls and many complaints later I received another £60 refund for the cost of delivery. A few days later my PC finally arrived (Monday). It was found on a Saturday in a Warehouse in Manchester and couldn't get couriered down to me same day.

OcUK Experience Part 2 - 970 Returns (January 2015)

  • OcUK very kindly offered to accept returns for the GTX 970's with the VRAM issues.
  • I arranged RMA and dropped off the cards in store.
  • I had to ask for a receipt.. apparently my cards were processed differently because they were in a pre-built system
  • Got my receipt and dropped another £880 on two new cards.
  • Several days later my refund still hadn't been processed and I quote this from a support email "We are in contact with Hitachi regarding your issue as we haven't come across someone who has paid off finance early before. We are just checking the details over and we will be in touch as soon as we possibly can."
  • Several days later and still out of pocket I chased up again and a refund was processed.
  • Only it wasn't for the full amount. I had been informed the cards were "OEM"
  • At no point during making my order, on the product page, system page or even invoice does it state the cards were OEM. My invoice for the system showed the two cards at a price for £216.66 EX-VAT. I had been refunded £191.00 EX-VAT for each card.
  • I raised this with support and several excuses saying I had already been given refunds last year (as explained above) that I had been refunded the right amount.
  • I then had to collect all the information from other supports requests and forum threads to explain what the refunds were for last year.
  • Many emails later and plenty of screenshots showing invoices and cost breakdowns of what I was charged and the difference I was refunded OcUK finally gave me the additional £62 difference. (still waiting for it to hit my bank)

I've been a customer for 15 years. Unfortunately this is one mistake I cannot forgive this company for.